Roasted Roots & Millet

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This dish is vibrantly beautiful and delectable. It’s made in three separate parts, but don’t be intimidated – it’s very easy! I like to serve it cool as a side dish (wonderful for spring picnics). It’s also lovely warm and … Continued

Autumn Goodness Bars

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Makes 8 large bars (2″ x 4″) The nourishing oils of the almonds and seeds and the energizing sweetness of the dried fruit and maple syrup are perfect to ground you amidst the wind, cold and dryness of the autumn … Continued

Citrusy Adzuki Stew

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The fall is associated with the Vata energies of air and ether, as indeed it can be described as windy, cold and dry. Thus, we can all benefit from foods that are grounding, warming and lubricating. This adzuki bean stew … Continued

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