Crimson Quinoa & Greens

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I love the combination of quinoa and beets, as the quinoa takes on the bright red color. This dish is a great served on its own, or as a side dish – super for summer picnics and BBQs. Preparation time: … Continued

Beets, Chards

Beets and Chards are chenopods, a sub family of the amaranthaceae family (which also has spinach, quinoa, and amaranth). (Wikipedia – Amaranthaceae). So I figured I’d group them together here. Beets were first cultivated by the ancient Romans, and were … Continued

Ground Round Tempeh

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Looks aren’t so deceiving. Tempeh not just looks like meat, but in my opinion has an even better way of taking on the flavors of seasonings.  So you won’t be missing out by substituting this healthy vegan “meat” option for … Continued

Ten Pairs of Opposites

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Ayurveda draws on ten pairs of opposites to describe and in a way categorize all matter that exists in the universe. These qualities, or gunas, describe the interaction and inner-workings of the main energy forces – the Five Great Elements – on … Continued

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