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Zucchini Bread – Gluten Free & Vegan

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‘Tis the season to find ways to use up all those HUGE zucchinis that somehow remained unseen in your, or your neighbors, garden! Print Zucchini Bread - Gluten Free and Vegan Prep time: ... READ MORE

Roasted Roots & Millet

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This dish is vibrantly beautiful and delectable. It’s made in three separate parts, but don’t be intimidated – it’s very easy! I like to serve it cool as a side dish (wonderful for... READ MORE

From Public to Planetary Health: A Manifesto

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The Lancet, the world’s most prestigious and objective journals of allopathic medicine has released a petition: “From Public to Planetary Health: A Manifesto”. It fervently calls upon each of us to join a... READ MORE

Slowing Down to Listen, Inwardly & Outwardly

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Times have certainly changed since the sages of Ayurveda, or the medicinal shamans of any and all indigenous cultures around the world for that matter, discovered their respective ancient methods and concoctions for... READ MORE